Gynaecological preventive examination

Duties of the attending physician if the patient wishes to obtain a "second opinion"

A gynaecological examination is done to assess the overall health of the female reproductive system. A gynaecological examination is helpful to assess the general state of health of the female reproductive system, as well as to identify potential infections or problems. During the exam, the gynaecologist will look at the external and internal reproductive organs, as well as at the breasts, to determine whether there are any problems or conditions present.

During a gynaecological examination, the gynaecologist will inspect your vulva and vagina. With both a physical examination and a transvaginal ultrasound, the doctor will also check your uterus and ovaries. It is very common to also do a smear test during the examination, to determine whether there are precancerous cells in your cervix. The sample taken is sent for examination in a laboratory with results shared, usually in a couple of weeks after the appointment.

The last part of the examination consists of a breast exam, where the gynaecologist checks for lumps or abnormalities. You will also be taught how to do a breast self-exam, so that you can do them at home periodically. The whole examination does not last more than 20-30 minutes.

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